Sloss Yoga and Qigong



Join me as we stretch and move our bodies, creating space within, allowing deep diaphragmatic breathing, which is wonderful for calming a busy mind. Then, unwind as I take you through a guided relaxation to rest, and restore balance.


My yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

Mondays 7-8pm Kessington Hall, Bearsden


Wake Up Stretch and Flow

Kick-start your day feeling energised and calm, in the time it takes to make, and drink, a cup of coffee; without the caffeine slump!

Monday - Thursday  7-7.15am  via Zoom.


Qigong in the Botanic Gardens

Start your weekend by gently activating and moving your energy.

Transform stress to vitality, as we stretch our bodies, progressing into a series of flowing, meditative movements.

Finish our class feeling centred and grounded, with a calm mind, balanced emotions and a relaxed body; then take that feeling into the rest of your weekend! 

Saturdays 10-11am - Connect with our lovely group over coffee after the class!


Qigong in The Heart of Scotstoun

Brand new Qigong class starting in The Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre in February.

Transform stress to vitality by gently stretching, activating your energy and moving your body in fluid, meditative flows. Finish the class feeling calm but energised with a settled mind, balanced emotions and a relaxed body. Afterwards, meet in the cafe for coffee and chat, connecting with like-minded souls.

Wednesdays 10-11am Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre


Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classes in the park are a fusion of yoga and qigong practices. They have been designed especially for the Scottish climate. You will not need a yoga mat, all of the sequences are done standing, and you can do your practice in trainers or bare feet. Our relaxation at the end of class will consist of flowing meditative movements.